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The liberation of the pericardium

The liberation of the pericardium

The liberation of the pericardium is a holistic and energetic manual therapy based on Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy, created by Montserrat Gascón, Spanish osteopath.

Bioenergy is the movement of life in cells. When functioning normally, a living cell has a breath, a movement of expansion that goes from the inside to the outside, a pulse and an amplitude. But when the cell finds itself in a stressful situation, it will protect itself by retracting.

Stress, emotional shock or trauma of any kind (physical, mental, emotional) will change this cell movement. The body keeps these impacts and shocks in mind. So as impacts occur, cells that normally pulsate and expand will retract, begin to pulsate backwards, or even stop pulsing. This is how discomfort, pain and even disease and illness appear.

Montserrat Gascon has evidenced that an emotional shock will always create 2 retractions on the person: one on the heart and one elsewhere in the body. The pericardium, the membrane that surrounds and protects the heart, will receive all the impacts in order to allow the heart to ensure its vital function, to continue beating.
Montserrat Gascon also highlighted that the pericardium is connected to all the systems of the body.

Thus, a libération of pericardium treatment consists in feeling what is in retraction, helping it to release it and accompanying this movement so that it becomes again a movement of expansion. The practitioner feels, listens here and now to the circulation of energy in the cells, with his hands, his energy, his senses, his heart, his intuition and his attention and restores their natural expansion, by gestures and vibrations.
By releasing the emotions blocked in the cells, Life and energy again circulate in a fluid and free way in our cells:
• This makes the cells healthy
• Then the organs are also healthy
• So we are healthy
Restoring harmony and restoring the free flow of movement of life and vital energy into our body helps to reconnect with our own healing strengths.

By reconnecting to ourselves, the disturbances we previously experienced are correcting. The effects can be felt at all levels, including our behaviors. We see our fears release and our body, mind and soul realign.

I have very good results for the following disorders:

Loss of vitality and energy

Psychological disorders: trauma

Hormonal disorders: amenorrhea

Sleep disorders: insomnia

Behavior disorders: sadness, depression, anxiety, burn-out, grief

Cardiovascular disorders: chest pain, pericarditis

Digestive disorders: sensation of a lump in the stomach

Respiratory disorders: asthma, difficulty in breathing

Neurological disorders: vertigo, dizziness

Cranial disorders: migraine

Hematological disorders: poor blood circulation

The Liberation of the Pericardium is an approach that is essentially based on atreatment, but it also incorporates ways of being that make it a real art of living, on a daily basis. That’s is why I offer you master classes every month so that you yourself can be actors in your own liberation and reconnection.
Find here the calendar here of the next master classes.

Annual Deep
Reconnection to Yourself

In addition, only for people who are doing work on themselves and who are in a real process of change, I offer the annual Deep Reconnection to Yourself which includes every month:
• 1 individual libération of pericardium release session
• 1 collective online master class
• 1 individual coaching session

The individual coaching sessions allow you to offer you complete support that helps you both to free yourself from your traumas and your fears, and at the same time to adapt to your new life as a liberated person, by adapting your life, your daily to that new person you are becoming, through individual coaching.

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