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Gwendoline, Déc. 2021

I did a couple of sessions with Sarah after a friend recommended her therapy to me. I decided to give it a try due to the different approach used and

Virginie, November 2021

A holistic approach to liberating the pericardium that includes much more than just releasing tension around the heart. Before the treatment I felt positive at the idea of ​​trying this

Anaïs et Hélène, October 2021

Since our liberation of the pericardium treatments with Sarah, it’s been getting I have actually regained energy. My daughter, Anaïs is also better, but she has a little more trouble

Sylvie, September 2021

Sarah has been very professional in the sessions I felt very relaxed during and after each sessions but I’ve got to say that most of the effects were that one

Béatrice, August 2021

After Sarah’s treatment, I felt more in peace, less tired and with more energy. I don’t feel blocked anymore. And I especially appreciated her listening and the tranquility of the

Sophie, August 2021

In the midst of professional burn-out, the treatment allowed me to begin a phase of letting go. The heat and energy emanating from Sarah’s hands helped to release the tension

‌Valérie, August 2021

Sarah has a real ability to sense and release my emotional blockages. Before taking a treatment with her, I felt preoccupied and following the treatment, I felt a relaxation and a

Severine, July 2021

Thank you so much for fixing my insomnia and in just one session too, amazing! And my amenorrhea problems as well. I had two sessions, with sarah on a one

Isabelle and Amélie, July 2021

Before Sarah’s treatment I felt totally stressed and felt I was trapped in my own body. During the treatment , My body started to get warm in some parts and

Virginie M, July 2021

Sarah is a lovely and very caring human being and practitioner. My kids and I have recently trialled this practice through Sarah’s hands and heart, specially my 2 year old

Patricia, june 2021

The treatments make me go to a new life and free me from my emotions. I very often have chest pains and after the treatment I feel freer and a

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