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Who am I?

« We cannot heal the body without taking into account the mind and the émotions »

I am Sarah Ronceay, Franco-Malagasy and the happy mother of 4 daughters and the only Libération of Pericardium in the UK.

As a child, I was treated with homeopathy, clay poultices, essential oils… I grew up with the certainty that our body is sufficiently equipped to heal us if we let it happen without disturbing it.

As my life progressed, it became obvious to me that we are one: Body, Soul and Spirit and that everything is connected. That we cannot heal the body without taking into account the mind and the emotions.

I have always been attracted to medical professions, especially midwifery, but I have never dared to “jump on the bandwagon” because I have never really felt comfortable with so-called “conventional” medicine.

In 2016, I graduated as a practitionner in fertility and natural contraception (Sensiplan). This was my first step towards “alternative” medicine. It helped me to understand my body better and to begin to accept this feeling that I could feel things, energies through my body and especially my hands. So I began to wonder how I could use “this gift” without being a danger to myself or to others (I don’t really like the term “gift” because I think everyone has it in themselves, you just have to be aware of it and trust yourself).

I discovered the Liberation of the Pericardium in 2012, thanks to my daughter, Athénaïs. When she was 5 years old, she had asthma and she was under heavy treatment. I felt it was only making things worse. It was when my homeopathic GP told me about the liberation of the pericardium, telling me that it might help relieve it.

So we went to consult Vincent-Emmanuel Meille without knowing exactly what it was. And it was like a miracle. She came out completely transformed, transfigured as liberated, reconnected to her whole body. She was keeping singing, “He’s a magician.”

The results have been tremendous for my family and for me. All my blockages, all the walls that I had erected one by one around my heart to stop suffering, began to fall one by one. The fears that used to cripple me, one by one, began to dissipate to free me and accept to move forward as myself.

I felt confortable to receive treatments, but I was still reluctant to go further. I thought that as a Christian, this therapy was not really compatible with my faith and I refused to know more about it.

But one day, I was praying for my mother’s healing, God told me, “Sarah, you already know what might cure your mother, so go ahead and train yourself, to be ready when she is.”

This is how I started my training in France, in February 2021 with Vincent Emmanuel Meille and I finished it in July 2021.

While starting in parallel, a coach training with Chine Lanzmann. My goal is to offer complete accompaniment which includes both care to free you from trauma and fears, and individual coaching to adapt your daily life and your behavior to this new life as a liberated person.

Today, every treatment I provide, I am amazed by the power of the libération of the pericardium, how it heals and helps people feel better. I am happy to be a therapist, in the etymological sense of the term, which means “Servant of God”, meaning “Servant of life”. I love to help others in their life journey, so that they do what they have to do, well beyond our wishes and expectations.

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